• Stripes Pull Handle, Stainless Steel Solid Door Handle for Commercial Office Door

Stripes Pull Handle, Stainless Steel Solid Door Handle for Commercial Office Door

350mm-625mm Stainless Steel Stripes Solid Door Handle for Commercial Office Door

E-Pai arch pull handles come in a high-grade finish with an even, satinized texture, virtually free of contact points throughout the handle section, with irregularities banished and with no shadowing. Needless to say, this also applies to the less accessible locations such as the radii in the curves, the rectangular mitered joints or the transitions from the handle to its supports. Always apparent is the high quality of workmanship and a special regard for fine detail.

Strictly controlled quality management ensures the highest functional and visual standards

E-Pai arch has defined its own, stringent demands according to which we continuously check the quality of our pull handles.These go beyond compliance with exacting technical parameters such as pull-off forces, or compression and tensile loads under continuous operating conditions. Craftsmanship and appearance are also consistently examined against our high standards.


Quality products

Only once a product has met our exacting quality requirements does it earn the right to be called a E-Pai arch pull handle. And once fitted, E-Pai arch pull handles are also rightly expected to perform to the highest level, ensuring the safe absorption of pressures and tensile forces through their sophisticated fixing systems – which, incidentally, also facilitate fast and easy installation on virtually any door. In short, with E-Pai arch pull handles, customers can be sure to reap all the benefits that accrue from a quality product.

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  • All the door handle good quality get better control, we strategically produce high-quality stainless steel pipes by ourselves.
  • All the handles we produce are made of stainless steel pipes with international special quality.
  • 304 stainless steel parts in the product are made of pipes with 1.2mm-1.5mm wall thickens
  • All handle can be installed on glass door ,wooden door,and framed door.
  • Major fittings in handle are made of stainless steel ,minor are made copper or steel 
  • 12mm-15mm handle installation holes are suggested on glass door
  • Please install the handles after finishing building decoration
  • Clean the handle at least once a week
Flexible PAI

It is recommended to mount handles with a floor-to-grip-center measurement of about 1100mm.
Depending on the Door Handle and fittings please ensure adequate space at the door end (※1) & pull side (※2) to avoid fingers being pinched.

Mounting Hole

Fixing method
Handle Dia
Fixing accessories
Adaptive scale
Single side fixing A1

Special Bend Handle      

Welcome customers DIY order

Design proposals
Pull handles round series

EPAI handle
EPAI has superb bending technology
Produce a variety of line and shape door handles

When the handle is installed on the door, it is actually an artistic technique, which often allows the commercial space to enhance the style through different combinations of shapes.

The stainless steel handle design shown here aims to provide creative assistance to architects, planners, designers, retailers and builders. Please be sure to provide detailed information on door type, material and weight. We must provide ccurate drawings before we can provide otes or out-of-stock orders.

Handing details cf. page  578

FOR detailed information on 
fixing, please turn to page 454.

Flexible PAI
Flexible PAI

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