Producing first-class products and cultivating top talents.
Creating a happy working environment to make all staff grow up and realize their own value & starting the capital market operation successfully.


Established 'New Hua Bao Hardware Decoration Materials' in Foshan,sold 'NHB' luxury door handle and gated hardware products, the companysuccessfully started from scratch and hold the foot in the market, the productinitially recognized by the market.


The company opened 'New Hua Bao Hardware Factory', plant area of400 square meters, began production for sale 'NHB' luxury door handle.


The company formulated innovative product strategy, featuredstainless steel glass door handle, and set off the trend of domestic doorhandle color processing. Expand production scale in the same year.


The company imported the iso9001-2000 direct pull system,started production standardization process, and laid a good management foundation.


The Company adjusted its marketing strategy and started toexpand its foreign markets.


Become one of the manufacturers with the largest number ofstainless steel door handle export single products, and maintain thegrowth continuously Keep the largest single product manufacturers, aleading manufacturer.


In order to better control the quality of stainless steel handle,control incoming quality and put into production stainless steelpipe production line.And customer recognition.


EPAI PIPECO, Established !


Increase investment, purchase 10 precision automaticstainless steel pipe production lines, monthly sales of 300 tons.


Put into production


Once again, the company expanded its production and movedinto a new modern and modern factory building covering an area of30,000 square meters.Invested in the new 26 precision automaticstainless steel production lines, the export value of the year exceeded12 million US dollars.


The branches have developed smoothly, and the qualityof the door handle and stainless steel pipe is better than that of thepeers, and has been developed at a high speed. Door handles exported720000 to become the industry's first brand.The annual sales volumeof stainless steel pipes exceeded 10,000 tons.


At the same time of rapid development, the company hasvigorously grasped the management and upgrading work.The entire lineof management is introduced into the lSO9001-2008 management systemand integrated into the advanced ERP management system. Enhance management and quality control as the company's top priority.Stair railingsand glass bathroom hardware have also been developed.High quality andinnovative product design have won stable orders from customers.The entireline of products are exported to more than 78 countries and regions aroundthe world.


EPAl is fully committed to becoming a nationally renowned brandof stainless steel building materials, with the goal of production and sales andcustomer satisfaction as the first goal, practicing the spirit of mindfulness,altruism and virtue, and building the first brand platform of stainless steelbuilding materials industry!


Create a timeless stainlessmasterpiece.Become an excellent stainless steel building chainsupply and service provider.