• Adjustable Wall Glass Fitting

Adjustable Wall Glass Fitting

point fixed glass connectors
E-pai point fixed glass connectors is a new product series launched by the glass building hardware team of e-pai company to upgrade and improve products based on the "design concept of easy installation". It eliminates the expensive installation labor and flexibly serves the hobbies of different people, making our living space more diversified and easily spaced.
E-pai point fixed glass connectors all comply with iso9001-2015 quality system control and accurately define the position of each piece of glass.
Simplicity, atmosphere, simplicity and high quality are the biggest advantages of e-pai point fixed glass connectors.

Product details

900 Fixing Point - Stainless Steel

Adjustable Wall Glass Fitting

90° single point fixing for holding fixed glass panels to the floor, wall or ceiling. Fixing wrench is required, order separately.
2mm up & down, left & right adjustable.
These single point fixings are available in a satin finish only.
Requires 28mm Ø hole in glass.
Suitable for 10 - 12mm glass.
Prices shown are per 1 item.

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