• Commercial Custom Solid Wood Double Stringer Floating Stairs for office

Commercial Custom Solid Wood Double Stringer Floating Stairs for office

Double Stringer Floating Stairs combine exceptional strength and modern design to create a stunning centerpiece for any commercial or residential project.

Double Stringer Floating Stairs: Uncompromised Strength, Modern Design

Elevate your space with the elegance and functionality of Double Stringer Floating Stairs. Unlike traditional single-stringer designs, our innovative approach utilizes two custom-cut support beams for exceptional strength and stability. This ensures your stairs meet all code requirements while maintaining a visually striking open aesthetic.

Benefits for Engineers:

Maximum Support & Stability: Double stringer design surpasses single-stringer limitations, providing peace of mind for even the most demanding commercial applications.
Customizable Engineering: Our team collaborates closely with engineers to ensure all code compliances are met while achieving your design vision.
Simplified Installation: Pre-engineered components and detailed instructions streamline the installation process, saving time and resources on-site.


Additional Features:

Solid Wood Accents & Railings: Elevate the visual appeal of your space with high-quality wood accents and railings, available in a variety of styles and finishes.
Design Flexibility: Collaborate with our experienced design team to create custom double stringer floating stairs that perfectly complement your project's aesthetic.
Wide Application: Ideal for both commercial and residential projects, including lobbies, offices, atriums, and high-end homes.


Popular Double Stringer Floating Stair Options:

The Executive (Commercial Lobby): Make a bold statement with a grand staircase designed for high-traffic commercial spaces.
The Lonsdale (Light & Contemporary): Create a sense of openness and airiness with a minimalist design featuring clean lines and light-colored materials.

Don't compromise on strength or style. Choose EPAI Double Stringer Floating Stairs for your next project.

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