Strictly implement the quality management system "ISO9001-2015"

Each product is manufactured by EPAI to ensure that each product is qualified to meet customer needs. The company's development process and production process are controlled by the strict quality management system "ISO9001-2015" quality system. Over the years, a large number of spare parts have been put into the stainless steel railing project, which has been recognized by customers and can quickly occupy the market position. Can prove this.

It is no secret that most of the world's most cost-effective products are manufactured in China. We have absorbed the technology of Western countries such as Germany and tried to produce the highest quality products. When we are in the production process, most of our products are exported to all parts of the world, while some foreign quality requirements and correct internal control systems are also guided by these trained professionals in a high standard, we extract 4 important methods and stages of product quality control;



Do a good job in incoming inspection

Each batch of products is analyzed by precision spectroscopic analysis at the beginning of production, and then put into the workshop after meeting the requirements. This is a very important link that plays a fundamental role in quality control throughout the production process. We will conduct a quality assessment of 10 suppliers and select 2 suppliers that can meet all of our requirements. They will never neglect the quality requirements for the sake of cheapness. Only with the common values of product quality can we become our qualified suppliers.



Inspect the inspection work of each process strictly in the production process.

In the production process, the thickness and diameter of the product are strictly controlled, and strict matching is required for some matching components. If you are responsible for the product parts in the technical details, we will collect all the sample parts and components for trial installation, and even set up and test the actual 1:1 scene to ensure that the product can be easily used and installed in the hands of the customer.

For example, if the customer wants to make a glass spiral staircase, we will build a two-layer model on site with the customer's request, and perform metal and glass railings according to the actual situation to ensure that it can be installed on site. And test the pressure to ensure that the glass's pressure resistance is qualified and safe.


We will control the quality 100% before the production is completed

Every detail of the product will be checked by the final quality before packaging. We also do 100% inspection of important products. The conventional practice is that we will take 0.1% of the volume per batch or 1% of the sampling, but at least not less than 10 different boxes from 10 to extract the box, there is no empty space. The working specification for the sampled product is to check the size tolerance of the product, the state of the component, and so on. At least one product should be subjected to a chemical composition analysis review for each batch of goods. If any problems are found, a review component analysis will be arranged for each product.



Products enter the warehouse - for final control

Before shipment, we will also conduct random inspections on the products to ensure the results of the first three quality control: the integrity of the packaging, the label of the whole box, to ensure that every link is guaranteed and recorded. All the records prove that we have done this work well in the past 5 years. According to our understanding, no one in the country asks for this. It is worth noting that you do not see these costs reflected in the quotation of the product, the quality product you get is only the base price of a product.

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Excellent surface quality

We will strictly polish the handrails, although it is difficult to find scratches at a distance of 2cm. It is necessary to know that the anti-rust properties of stainless steel contain a large amount of anti-corrosive chemical elements such as chromium and nickel, and good surface treatment can also effectively enhance the corrosion resistance.

High standard mirror finish to 800# (8K).

Our high standard finishes meet the demanding and demanding customer requirements for surface treatment. The product will look like a mirror, so you don't have to re-polish the stainless steel tube that makes the stair rails.

Ingenious craftsmanship ensures that the weld has no hand welds and is hard to find with the naked eye

Our special welding process, leading technology and industry level, is difficult to find with the naked eye, and has a comfortable and comfortable feel.

Confident and firm luster

Our 8K series stainless steel tubes are truly mirror-finished, the highest standard in the industry, with brightness and finish really reaching 800#. Please note that this is not chrome plating, but the results of our many years of production experience and a large number of experiments, and really do it for you.

How does EPAI regulate the marking of stainless steel pipes?

《Prima》the corresponding product is Aisi201
《Super》the corresponding product is Aisi304
《Ultra》the corresponding product is Aisi316L

For the thickness identification of stainless steel tubes:

《5》-Such as pipe thickness 2mm,prima5,super5,Ultra5;
《4》-Such as pipe thickness 1.7mm,prima4,super4,Ultra4;
《3》-Such as pipe thickness 1.5mm,prima3,super3,Ultra3;
《2》-Such as pipe thickness 1.35mm,prima2,super2,Ultra2;
《1》-Such as pipe thickness 1.2mm,prima1,super1,Ultra1;
《0》-Such as pipe thickness 1.0mm,prima0,super0,Ultra0;


For the definition of the quality of stainless steel tube polishing:

《+》Premium polishing method, 800# level;
《-》Conventional polishing method, 600# level;
《——》Degraded polishing method, 500# level;
For example: the diameter is 16 round tubes, the material is AISI316L, the wall thickness is 1.5 thick, and the surface treatment is 600#.



Can stainless steel be truly rust-proof and corrosion-resistant?

Chromium is the main element determining the properties of stainless steel. We add chromium as an alloying element to steel to effectively enhance the corrosion resistance of steel. The role of nickel as an alloying element in stainless steel changes with the structure of high-chromium steel, thus making stainless steel Corrosion resistance is improved. EPAI stainless steel tubes are fully compliant and above international standards, so we use the best stainless steel materials for our products.

Does the stainless steel tube burst when it is bent and shaped?

In more than 20 years of production experience, EPAI has conducted intensive research on stainless steel and is well aware of its structure and composition. And the experience source is used to produce stainless steel pipe technology, making the plastic performance of the EPAI stainless steel pipe superior to the peer products. Therefore, we will ensure that the quality of pipes and products are superior to those of our peers, leading the industry to a high level.

Corrosion, special circumstances can also occur, such as high concentration of acid and alkali washing liquid, contamination with construction cement slurry, penetration of welding iron slag and point defects of products, etc., some of which may cause corrosion when the product is not well protected.

Also, a good polished surface is much more resistant to corrosion than a bad polished surface.

Standard chemical formula


Stainless steel
AISI 316

316 stainless steel is a kind of stainless steel. Due to the addition of Mo element, it has a great improvement in corrosion resistance and can be used under harsh conditions. UNTRA stainless steel common pipes, balustrades in coastal areas and materials used outside the building.
UNTRA(AISI316L)  European standard:1.4404  Chinese standard:022Cr17Ni12Mo2

Stainless steel
AISI 304

304 stainless steel is a common material in stainless steel with a density of 7.93 g/cm3, also known as 18/8 stainless steel. It has the characteristics of good processing performance and high toughness, and is widely used in industrial and furniture decoration industry and food medical industry. Building decoration materials such as stair railings are widely used in places where the requirements of the World Health Organization are required.
SUPER(AISI304)  European standard:1.4301  Chinese standard:06Cr19Ni10

Stainless steel
AISI 201

201 stainless steel, with a certain acid and alkali resistance. Mainly used for decorative tubes, industrial tubes, some shallow stretched products. The balustrades are adapted to dry indoors and clean places, such as classrooms, classrooms, and conference rooms.
PRIMA(AISI201)  European standard:1.4372  Chinese standard:12Cr17Mn6Ni5N