Why do we need to use special quality pipes to produce our door handles and balustrades?



Robust and convenient packaging

In order to allow customers to get the steel pipe, the use is more convenient, the product is not damaged, we have done a lot of research work to ensure. From the beginning of the production of the pipe, we have conducted a special study in consideration of every link in the installation of the railing. This is a problem that we pay special attention to, to ensure the production of qualified quality products, the bad factors caused by packaging, the collisions caused by short-distance transportation, and the problems arising from shipping, etc., comprehensively considering the combination of product quality and cost, and finally got the most Good packaging method:


Each tube is placed inside a plastic sleeve.

The plastic sleeve is the whole production, not the disjointed splicing. The tube is well protected in the plastic sleeve and there are no unnecessary scratches, so that you get the perfect ideal tube.

The package can withstand all kinds of bad weather such as rain, frost, snow and heat.

On rainy days, the tube can be hidden, no further packaging is required, the package is taken out of the package, dried with a cloth and dried properly, and it can be processed immediately.

Our packaging

Unlimited storage in dust, dirt, and oil felt environments. Although the exterior of the package is dirty, when you peel off the cartridge, it will shine like a new one without wiping the surface. Although it is placed for a while, it does not affect the easy making of money.

Each tube is packaged in color coded

The black mark means the "EPAI" tube and the anti-counterfeit laser stamp is attached to the tube. The red mark is the super product. The "epipes" blue mark means the 201 product, which will never make you wrong when used. The product is always your most assured product.

Each product has a label that you can easily identify

Each product will have a label corresponding to the standard and requirements, and it is not easy to make mistakes when shipping to your warehouse. If you have a malicious change, please rest assured that we also have corresponding trademarks and logos on the products. Our products have excellent surface treatment and reliable packaging, so you can use them with confidence.

The innovative design of the package will take into account the convenience of carrying staff.

We specialize in what kind of specifications, how many bundles, and can be safely shipped and placed. We have studied the number of ways that our customers can sell and use the most convenient way, even if they don't break the package, they can be sold and put into use.

High-grade packaging

We also offer our customers a package that is superior to their peers. We use high-grade packaging materials to wrap the product in a white, neat and safe outerwear. Our products stand out in many products, and you can easily see the high-quality stainless steel tubes that are wrapped safely.

Smart bale

We use a lot of tape to hold the tubes together and ensure that the products are not deformed, so that they can be easily stored and transferred during transportation. You can easily arrange them neatly, which saves your warehouse space.

Every nozzle we pass special treatment

We have strict quality control and process control, and the nozzle does not occur because the chemical composition of chromium and nickel changes after cutting, which causes the edge to rust.

Further protection of our packaging

According to our statistics, there are 64% of cases where the packaged packaging tape is easy to break. 
Therefore, we have taken care to avoid packaging damage in the medium term, so each package has an extra bandage at the top edge that effectively protects the outside from damage to the stainless steel tube and packaging.


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