Metal for doors and windows

The section of solid-web steel doors and windows is solid and hot-rolled with ordinary carbon steel. According to its cross-sectional form, it is divided into several specifications. Compared with open-web steel doors and windows, its durability is better, but it is heavier and uses more steel.

The open-web steel door and window material is hollow in cross section, mostly 1.2 mm thick steel strip, which is formed by high-frequency welding and rolling, with various cross-section forms. The open-web steel door and window material is light in weight and saves steel material, but the durability is not as good as the solid web material.
Various forms of doors and windows can be made with solid web and open web steel door and window materials. In China, it has been listed as a finalized series of products, which are widely used in civil, public buildings, industrial plants and auxiliary buildings.
The aluminum alloy door and window material is extruded and formed by an extruder, which is specially used to make aluminum door and window profiles. Its cross-sectional form is more complicated than steel, and there are more types. Due to the large thermal conductivity of aluminum, it is divided into insulating and non-insulating door and window materials. The aluminum profile can be silvery white, bronzed, etc. after anodizing. It can also be painted into various colors by special painting process. Doors and windows made of aluminum alloy door and window materials have the characteristics of light weight, durability, good sealing, low maintenance cost, and beautiful appearance, but the price is more expensive than steel doors and windows.
For hardware parts for doors and windows, see Construction Hardware.

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