EPAI has strong design capabilities

E-Pai's Precision Design And Engineering Is The Key To Quality

We can also provide the convenience of short-sized tubes for individual customers.

There are many customers who use stainless steel pipes for stair railings and handrails, and often use short-sized stainless steel pipes. We have designed some unique suggestions to make the pipe lengths 3.8 meters and 4.3 meters. In this way, you can save your budget for purchasing projects, and it is more convenient to buy the stair railings that we have tailored for you. The standard for the pipe market is 6 meters long, so this is good for your production and sales. We also have matching railings and armrests for you to use and purchase. Therefore, you can professionally solve the problems in the design and installation of stair railings, really saving you the cost of installing the balustrade. We have a sales and production experience of 1 62 62 meters of balustrades, which will provide you with real convenience and the best price. You choose our factory to serve you, this is the most correct choice.

E-PAl is ISO09001-2015 Certified

lt all starts with lSO9001-2015 certification . We produce over 3000 items for the industries we serve in our lSO9001 Certifiedmanufacturing facilities . Our adherence to the strictest of standardsreflects the commitment of our employees to provide the highestquality products.

Engineers Provide Support For Product Development.Testing And Production

E-PAI's engineering department reviews the design and workplan with customers to solve product feasibility, safety issues, andother solutions, so as to provide us with accurate quotations andmore accurate technical support.

Innovation Makes Us a Leader

E-PAl has been manufacturing and providing new and innovativeproducts for nearly 28 years, and we know we can’t just wait anddie because if we do, others will surpass us.And this is not the wholereason to become a leader. Many E-PAl products incorporate featuresthat others don't, because we feel that no product is so good that itcannot be improved.


E-Pai Quickly Customize The Project And Shorten The Delivery Cycle

The goal of the E-PAl quick customization program is to achievethe shortest delivery time from sketch to quotation to manufacturingto delivery of all products produced by E-PAI.This can be achievedin a variety of ways, one of the important factors is to let the wholeprocess proceed "internally." Allows electronic manufacturing controlprocesses, such as mold research, raw material procurement, cuttingoptimization, high-speed manufacturing, surface treatment, powdercoating, batch coating, packaging, and transportation, so thatproducts can be delivered to you more quickly and efficiently.

Experienced, Knowledgeable Team Dedicated From Start to Finish

Our staff has decades of experience in the various stages ofmanufacturing. Our people draw upon their resources to findinnovation and efficiency in our manufacturing processes ,allowing us to build top quality products at prices that are alwayscompetitive.From the procurement of raw materials to finalshipment of finished goods , it's our experience that makes thedifference.




Do you have a new product that could be made by E-PAl ? Need help with a current products? Contact us


We welcome the opportunity to serve you, and are committed to providing your business with the services that produce quality products.To discuss the possibility of working with E-PAl manufacturing we invite you to contact E-PAl technical sales at +86(757)85751892 in China. To send e-mail go to manager@epai-hardware.com, click on contact us.



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