10,000 square feet of production basement.

Covers An Area Of 30000 Square Meters And 22000   Aquare Meters Of Building


E-PAl Manufacturing

  • Making Quality Products for Almost 23 years


  • Use Advanced Pdca Manufacturing Process


  • Machinery And Technical Expertise Are Fully Utilizedln Production


  • Strictly control quality management, we producestainless steel pipes by ourselves



Any kinds of Architectural Hardware

E-PAI has a full-automatic stainless steel pipe production line, and the productconforms to iso 9001-2015 quality embodiment control.

There are 28 production lines with the specifications of round pipe and square pipe covering 9.5mm-326mm and the thicknessof 0.4mm-8mm.

The surface treatment is generally superior to the market average level of 80o# mirror surface and 320# hair line, whicheffectively enhances the anti rust and anti rust ability of stainless steel pipes.

The production materials 201, 304, 316 and 316L are all raw materials of high-quality and well-known brands. The materialshave their own products through years of production tests, and effectively control their machining performance and ductility.


Stainless steel precision wax casting


Mature stainless steel precision waxcasting, rich production experience,can meet your new development mold,product design, production casting,mechanical production, surface polishing,electroplating needs in all aspects.


CNC plate bending machine


E-PAI has advanced bending equipmentfor steel plate, which can produce bending plate with thickness of0.4mm ~ 16mm


15000w CNC laser cutting SLCF-G2580V/F

With advanced high-power 15000owlaser cutting equipment, we can providehigh-quality and solid support for yourvarious artistic designs and high-qualitysheet metal processing.


E-PAl's Machine Shop

Various hardware processing equipment tosupport different products.

  • Complete Machine Shop Capabilities
  • Mills , Lathes , Drills . Saws . Etc
  • Cutting , Grinding , Drilling , Tapping ,and More
Use E-PAl's Equipment and Processes to Develop Your Project


E-PAIl's Metal Shear and Punch Department

  • Metal Shearing of Up to 3 / 16(4.7 mm ) Thick Mild Steel
  • Maximum Shearing width of Up to 14 (4.2 m )
  • E-PAl Manufacturing has 10 Punch Presses with Hundreds of Dies
  • Custom Dies Made Quickly for Special Applications

E-PAI's Welding Center

  • Over One Dozen Fully Equipped welding Stations
  • welding Capabilities lnclude Aluminum,Brass, stainless Steel , and More

E-PAI's Bending Department

  • E-PAl has Over a Dozen Rotary Hydraulic Benders
  • E-PAl has Hundreds of Dies for a Variety of Profiles and Radii
  • E-PAI Offers a 3-Roller Bender to Bend Flat Bar , Square , Rectangular , or Round Tubing

E-PAl's Drilling Center

  • Custom Multi-Head Drill Allows forOne-Day Lead Time on MultipleDrilling Projects

E-PAl's Total Manufacturing Service lncludes
Customing Glass, Finishing, and Cleaning

E-PAI's Customing Temper Glass

  • E-PAl's Urethane Bonding Provides Attachment Without Mechanical Fasteners for a Cleaner , More Modern Appearance
  • American Ultraviolet Co . , ultraviolet Bonding for Bonding Glass toMetal without Mechanical Fasteners

E-PAl's Assembly Center

  • Once Your Parts are Manufactured E-PAI'sAssembly Center can Put Them Together

E-PAl's Finishing and Polishing Department

  • We offer Finishing Capabilities for Aluminum , Brass , StainlessSteel , and More
  • We Offer Polishing Capabilities for Aluminum , Brass , Stainless Steel , and More
  • Almost Any Size or Length
  • Climate Controlled Environment
  • We Can Apply Brushed , Satin , and Hairline Finishes

E-PAI's Cleaning Department

  • Custom Designed Ultra Sonic Cleaner
  • Capacity to clean Parts After Finishing orPrior to Painting

Let E-PAl Manufacturing Put Our Expertise and
Resources to work for You

E-PAl Can Meet Your Manufacuring Needs With Our Extensive Array ofEquipment and Our Knowledgeable Staff.

E-PAl can meet the manufacturing needs of businesses large and small . E-PAl Manufacturing offers avariety of services to help you produce high quality products you will be proud to put your name on.We manufacture quality tools , parts , and accessories for some of the world's largest corporations ,while also serving the needs of smaller ,more specialized businesses . E-PAl Will help you make prod-ucts you can provide to your customers with complete confidence.

What E-PAl Offers as Your Manufacturing Partner
E-PAl's capabilities encompass almost every phase of the manufacturing process, from the earlystages of design, all the way through to packaging and shipment. We can supply such services as:
  • Design
  • Machining
  • Polishing
  • Cleaning
  • Bending
  • Finishing
  • Packaging
  • Engineering
  • Powder
  • Shipping
  • Cutting
  • Welding
  • Milling
  • Assembly
  • Coating


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