How to cut stainless steel pipe?

1. High-pressure water jet waterjet water cutting This new technology uses a water jet of 0.80 to 1.50 mm, with a jet speed of 600 to 800 m / s (speed greater than Mach 2). The water pressure is 3000

How to polish stainless steel pipe?

The following seven methods of polishing stainless steel pipe are commonly used.   1. Mechanical polishing   2. Chemical polishing   3. Electrolytic polishing   4. Ultrasonic polishing   5. Fluid


Why do we need to use special quality pipes to produce our door handles and balustrades?     Robust and convenient packaging In order to allow customers to get the steel pipe, th

Industry Leadership in Export Volume

INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP IN EXPORT VOLUME Deeply cultivated in the industry for more than 26 years   Malaysia Singapore Thailand Brazil New Zealand

Raw material Production by Ourselves

Automatic Stainless Steel Pipe Production Line By Our Selves Epai has a full-automatic stainless steel pipe production line, and the product conforms to ISO 9001-2015 quality embodime